Muffled Heartache

Are we okay?

I don’t know.

It seems that way on the outside but things are not the same.

Do I want them to be?

We talk but I don’t feel the warm closeness I used to.

There’s a wall between us but I can see you face through the window.

It’s locked.

I scream louder and louder, I want you to hear me.

I want my words to be clear but they seem muffled as they leave my tongue, having not even reached the glass yet.

I get an earful of taunting whispers when our eyes meet.

It sounds like wind whistling through crackling tree branches in October.

I try to listen.

Why do you echo?

Is there an empty cave in your chest where your heart belongs?

Your words sound disturbingly mysterious.

I can hear you now but I can’t understand.

You hint at the great unknown; our relationship.

You say we’re okay but the way your voice cracks make me think you see gaps between us.

It feels rehearsed.

Are you trying to make my brain spiral in all directions?

Are we really okay?



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