What does it mean?

You’re in a different category.

What does it mean?

I want them all to be happy with other people but I want you in my arms.

What does it mean?

Everyone else is temporary

They make me feel good

for moments

But you’re always on my mind

never leaving

What does it mean?

I don’t know how to feel.

You’re nowhere.

Where are you?

But you’re everywhere.

And it can’t mean fucking nothing.

Why aren’t you here?

Why won’t you try harder?

Am I missing the part when you made an effort?

I’m holding his hand

In my mind.

But you won’t leave my heart

no matter what.

I let my words slip out

because I don’t care

if you can see my brain

if you can see my insides

if you can see the sentences forming before they leave my lips.

I’ll let it happen.

What does that mean?

Does thats scare you away?

You want me.

But it can’t be real.

You like the feeling.

You like the games.

You think this is life

until reality slaps you in the face.

Like a fly swatted dead.

And you run.

And I run.

But not to you.

I run away

because I’m afraid too.



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