Faced at the Moon

It’s the feeling of freedom as you jump high. You can almost graze the clouds with your fingertips, almost collide with the stars. It’s the feeling of serenity when you finally just let go, you let yourself fall and suddenly you are faced at the moon.

The rush of air pushes your hair all around you face and it all flashes before your eyes. Not your life, but your dreams. What you wanted to accomplish but never did. But you finally feel like you are capable to reach high enough, to at least touch the surface of your life’s ambitions.

And when you are in the air you break into pieces. One going into each direct you wish to pursue. In this moment you realize all you have to offer and you think maybe, just maybe, anything is possible. This moment is your own little infinite.

And just when you feel like all your little pieces will get lost in space and time, you fall. And you’re back together. One piece. Like you were before and yet so different.

Because you have tasted the sweetness of really living and you have seen the greatness your future holds. So it’s like another part of yourself has been found and now you’re strong enough to go searching for the next.


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