Your Scent and the Color Blue

I remember the first day,

the day I noticed your eyes were like swimming pools,

I could see my own reflection in them

and I thought maybe that meant we could be something special.

Your scent came in waves

and then stuck to me like glue.

You smelled like curiosity

and a bit like lust,

you drew me in.

I remember the first kiss,

your lips tasted like rain

and you smelled like passion,

I let myself think it was love.

And I remember our first fight,

my eyes turned red

but yours were as dark as the ocean,

stormy and fierce.

I thought if you looked at me long enough

I might just drown in them.

You smelled like rage

and a lot like regret

and I thought maybe I had imagined any goodness in your scent.

I remember the silence,

you stopped holding my hand

and I almost forgot the color of your eyes.

In passing you smelled like disappointment.

But mostly I remember you leaving,

you wrapped me in your arms one last time

and kissed my forehead.

I felt nothing when you said goodbye,

but when the door closed

the scent you left behind was heartbreak.

My tears fell

where you stood just moments before

and I realized that all you really were from the very beginning,

was blue.




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