Anything is Better Than Nothing 

I have confronted you in my head

One thousand times

I’ve spilled my guts

I’ve let you have it

I’ve ripped you open

Left you stunned 

Jaw on the floor

You’ve spoken no words

But I always see your stormy eyes

You panic

You’re a coward

You had nothing to say at the start 

And nothing to say at the end

Sometimes you walk away

Leave me standing there yelling after you

And sometimes you dont

We face each other and say nothing for a very long time

But once you pulled me into your arms 

Tears streamed down my face

I wanted to beat my fists against your chest but I buried my head instead

And I think I’d be happy with any of these outcomes

I’d be happy with my heart on the floor

If it meant something 

Because I don’t say anything 

And you hide your face

And my heart is in my chest but it beats a bit slower now

So I guess I’m a coward too



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