Hey, my name’s Sydney and welcome to my blog! To describe myself in few words, I would say I’m just a young girl who has a handful of seemingly impossible dreams. Writing poetry and fiction is my passion and so I decided to share my work online. Between school, and trying to find a steady job and the crippling anxiety I have to deal with due to both of these things as well as a million other problems, writing keeps me sane. Truth is that I don’t carry the world’s problems on my shoulders, and neither does anybody else- even if it may seem like that sometimes.

Anyway,  I really hope you enjoy my work and can relate to any of it. The best thing I can hope from this blog is that it brings happiness, or inspiration, or clarity to even one person. If we can agree on one thing, I’d think it would be that out of all the dreams in the entire universe, the one we all want the most is just to be happy. So, I encourage you to follow that dream and allow yourself to be happy. And while you’re at it, follow your other dreams too, shoot for the stars and way beyond that because you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to!